Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wartburg Castle

Hello Again!

Last Wednesday, with the other students at our language institution, we took the day to visit the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach and the concentration camp, Buchenwald, The weather was not on our side for the day, as it raining throughout the entire day. We made the best of it and hiked up to the Wartburg Castle first. We toured the castle, hearing again about St. Elizabeth and her time spent in the castle. We also saw the room that Martin Luther translated the Bible into German while being protected by Frederick the Wise. It was amazing to realize how much important history had taken place right where we were standing, but hundreds of years before.
After seeing the castle, we headed to Buchenwald, which is just outside Weimar, Germany. It was a very solemn experience to walk thorough the camp. The weather left a dense fog over the whole camp, which brought the experience to a different level. It was hard to fathom how many thousands had died in that very camp, behind the barbed wire and guard towers. Words really can’t describe the sadness of the camp. Despite the sadness, it was a good experience to have; to see what had happened during the Second World War and to never allow such a tragedy as the Holocaust to occur again.
Now we are getting ready for our free weekend and then visiting Heidelberg on Monday. The weather is finally starting to warm up here. I hope it is the same for Waverly!

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